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Opportunity Sutton

Opportunity Sutton is the borough’s economic development programme which fosters economic growth throughout the borough. It has attracted over £440 million of investment and supported the creation of more than 2,400 jobs since its launch in 2012. We have a pipeline of potential development of 6,300 new homes, £3.2 billion in investment and 19,000 jobs over the next 20 years.

Opportunity Sutton is also the brand for our group of economic development companies, including Sutton Living Ltd (the Council’s housing development company helping us build and acquire our own homes) and SDEN (an energy company planned to operate a network to use waste heat to supply homes and businesses). The London Cancer Hub Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is being set up currently.

Opportunity Sutton excels in harnessing partnerships with other public sector bodies and private sector parties. The key themes are as follows:

Sutton Town Centre Masterplan Delivery Programme

The Sutton Town Centre Masterplan outlines a new vision

for the future of Sutton Town Centre, setting out the direction for investment and development in the town centre to 2031. The Masterplan recognises that there is a need for Sutton to embrace new 21st century town centre roles with a rich and diverse mix of community, culture, event, entertainment, business and housing activity in addition to shopping.
It is a key part of the evidence base for our Local Plan Sutton 2016-2031 which sets out the Council’s long-term vision and aims for the borough as a whole.

For more information: www.opportunitysutton.org/area-renewal-and-regeneration/sutton-town-centre-programme


We are also at the initial stages of work on the scope for regeneration of several of our town centre housing estates and are commissioning a community architect to carry out an option appraisal of an estate which is an allocated site in the Local Plan.

Sutton Link - extending the Tram network

The Council continues to lobby hard to address the under provision of public transport in the borough and the wider sub-region. We are committed in delivering the Sutton link extension by continuing to work in close collaboration with the London Borough of Merton, TfL and The GLA.

An extension of the network from Wimbledon to Sutton, via Morden, and onwards to the London Cancer Hub in Belmont is a priority for both Sutton and Merton Councils.

Extending Sutton Link to Sutton would bring many benefits to both boroughs. These include:

  • Huge economic growth for both boroughs: estimated to generate £500m GVA and £50m of resident expenditure.

  • Improved access to jobs: 10,000 new jobs and increased access to public transport for 59,000 residents.

  • Increased housing: 10,000 new homes along the whole route.

  • Unlocking the world’s leading life science cluster, the proposed London Cancer Hub in Belmont.

  • Clean and more accessible transport: no local air pollution, lower CO2 emissions with trams able to carrying twice as many passengers as a bus.

The scheme benefits from overwhelming support, with 84% of residents support the extension (2014) and cross party political support at all levels of government.


For more information: www.opportunitysutton.org/sutton-for-investment/tramlink


The London Cancer Hub

The London Cancer Hub will create a unique global life-science campus specialising in cancer research, drug discovery, treatment, education and enterprise. A collaborative partnership between London Borough of Sutton and the Institute of Cancer Research with support from the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and the Greater London Authority, the London Cancer Hub will create more than 13,000 jobs and a hotbed of talent, offering research and development space for biotech, pharmaceutical and software companies, and equipment manufacturers. It will generate £1.1 billion in GVA. The Cabinet Office is supporting the LCH, with funding secured through the One Public Estate (OPE) programme.


For more information: www.opportunitysutton.org/sutton-for-investment/the-london-cancer-hub/


Helping Business to Grow

Opportunity Sutton continuously looks for new ways to support businesses, from start-ups to our largest employers, and help them grow.


For more information: www.opportunitysutton.org/business-support


The London Borough of Sutton has three operating Business Improvement Districts:

  • Kimpton Industrial Park Proprietors Association (KIPPA),

  • Sutton Town Centre BID (Successful Sutton)

  • Beddington industrial BID (Beddington for Business).


Sutton’s BIDs collectively leverage in approximately £3 million additional investment into the borough over 5 years through the levy income alone.